By Eduardo Rosell-Diaz

By Eduardo Rosell-Diaz LCAM


Community associations in South Florida,

When I see an association with several Board of Directors and a property management company in a beautiful ocean front high rise condominium I always ask myself what it is missing? Excellent services to the shareholders of the building (Unit Owners). After a very long time of thinking and hard research I finally discovered what was missing from the real luxury beach front- five stars condominiums.

     The Board of Directors usually hires a Professional Management Company to help administrate and maintain the associations assets. This company’s duty is to take orders from the board of Directors elected by the members (unit owners) keeping all common areas operational for the use of all the members and their guest. They also collect the association’s revenue (maintenance fees) and help in the preparation of the proposal budget. This also includes coordination, supervising and giving their professional advice in future property projects and much more. These are just a few things management companies offer to COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS. Management Companies are a great help to any Home Owner Associations, as they have the knowledge to advise when needed.

     Here is my question. What about the individual home/unit owners or shareholders ? I’m talking about the ones that pay to keep their community operational and pleasant to live in. No one advises them if a problem occurs with their unit or their cable service stops working, their washer machine is not spinning, their balcony windows are dirty, their slide doors are not locking, their marble floor has a big stain, their a/c unit is not working, the toilet is leaking water. The owners leave for a month or more and nobody is supervising their property, checking for repairs and pest. How many days are ruined waiting for their garbage disposal to get fixed, or furniture delivery, or remodeling their kitchen & new floors? Who makes sure they are getting the right price and service for the job? Who supervises the project and is making sure it is being done correctly? This is what we are missing from a five star high rise condominium! A management and maintenance company that is going to be there for the individual owner making sure all the property needs are met and 100% covered in all aspects.  With an experienced and qualified staff to provide them with the best service possible.

     How many times have you gone to the management office of your community saying that you have an issue in your unit and they tell you, we will look into it later, or email me the problem and I’ll look into it, or sorry you need to call a vendor to take care of it. When you really don’t have the time or the knowledge to deal with a situation like it? How about when you go away for a few months or a year and let your neighbors keep an eye out for your unit and then you find out that they were renting your property for the past six month while you were gone, or they didn’t have the time to inspect your unit for a month and your toilet’s valve has been leaking for days and flooded your entire bathroom and bedroom creating mold and damaging the unit below you? Let’s say you allow the maintenance guy of your community to check your place on a weekly basis for a little compensation on the side, but the maintenance guy was fired and you still have a few more months before you come back home, Or the association needs to access your property due to water damage. Who is going to be there representing you as a unit owner? Your car needs to be moved due to a parking garage restoration or whatever the reasons may be. The association’s property management company by law is going to give you a 14 day notice to move it, and if you are away from home Who is moving your car and parking it in safe place?

     With an onsite management company that deals directly with home owners none of the situations mentioned above would happen and if it were to happen it would be handled in a timely manner to avoid the cost of damages rising. This service is a win-win situation for both ASSOCIATIONS AND SHAREHOLDERS. There are a lot of unit owners that do not respect the association’s rules and regulations and try to do things their own way ignoring such rules. With this services the association will be safe from these situations, with us managing the shareholders property we will make sure that all of our operations are done within the association’s rules and regulations. There will be preventative maintenance applied in shareholders property. It is beneficial to give every unit owner the opportunity to have their own personal management company in their own community offering them complete maintenance and cleaning services plus the professional advice and supervision for their special projects. Having a legally insured company inspect their unit while they are absent, having their property ready for their arrival, cleaned and detailed after their departure.  Host their guest and visitors, planning their parties and events. We will be the ones that care for their property issues and will fix anything that needs to be fixed, so the owners do not have to be present while the repair is being done, or waste time calling different vendors and having to work on their schedule instead of yours.

     Think about a five star hotel service in your own community. This will place your community to the highest level of customer service. The difference between a concierge service and our company is that we provide a qualified maintenance and housekeeping staff to serve you at your own community. We operate just like any other property management company but with the difference that our services are specially designated for the individual owners. We are here to care for your individual property, and will do everything required for the property to be prepared on your arrival

This is the service that is missing from the high rise condominium living.