They just don’t know!

I’m trying to send a message to those home owners that have a second home and leave their property with out supervision. Everything you see on my video is real life experience I had deal with in the past. They expend so much money to have an ocean front condo and when they get to use it, they end expending half of their vacation time fixing all the issues their property has due to a non preventative maintenance applied.

mold closet


This is a closet of a very expensive ocean front condo here in south Florida. The owners were gone for about 8 months. They come back and look what they find.

Lets be clear on something here. When you take a vacation to come down south Florida for a month in the ocean front condo that you spend a lot of money into. And you find this…….

  • Your vacation is now a mold remediation project.
  • You are going to be dealing with insurance adjusters to see what gets cover.
  • Most condo in Florida carry a HO6 ¬†policy THAT DOES NOT COVER DRYWALL AND PAINTING.
  • The most important point and is very sad to say. Is not even about the money at this point, is about the stress, time waste and your vacation this year is a real disaster.