Home Inspections….


Why do I need home inspections?

This is a question I get a lot when I’m introducing my services to my clients.

In this blog I am going to mention the key points of why a home or apartment that is not occupied on a daily basis needs home inspections.

Before I start mentioning some of these very important points I’m going to advise you that these inspections are not supposed to be done by cleaning personal or your neighbor. This inspections should be done by a professional and an experienced maintenance personal that has knowledge in  HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.

 When a home is unoccupied for over a month and you return to it you will find

  • A very large amount of humidity
  • The water coming out of your faucets is going to have a very bad smell that will take hours to go away.
  • Home will have a very good amount of dust, the one that will go straight to your Air Conditioning System FILTER  making the filter replacement requiremengt sooner that it would normally take.
  • When you have a dirty filter for over 90 days on an A/C unit, most likely the unit COIL will start getting all this dust on it  due to the filter is no longer functioning properly.
  • When you have a dirty coil for over 90 days and keeps getting worse and worse because, remember, the amount of dust is going to increment every single day that the home is unoccupied.
  • Example: A home could be without a filter change for about 6 month ( NOT Recommended)  and the A/C will be fine and the reason why is because that home is occupied and the home is being maintain without excess of dust.
  • There is a big possibility that you will see some pest issues.
  • Toilets are going to be with stagnant water and depending on the home’s temperature probably with mold.

Our home inspections are design to have the home operational at all the times. 

Here are some of my experiences with home inspections.

  • Frozen freezer. It stop working and WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH ICES, It melts causing a flood in the kitchen.
  • Ice maker inside Refrigerators. There is a very tiny hose that transport the water from under the sink or wherever the water supply comes for the ice maker, well this hose connects to a valve that is the one deciding when does the ice maker need water to make the ice, IT BROKE. That individual apartment had a very bad water damage affecting the unit below them.
  • Expansion tank. This tank is normally located right above the water heater and is full of air and water, and has a supply and a return lines going into the water heater. This tank hangs from the wall and is normally mounted with heavy anchors. This particular home had this tank being held by only one screw and very close to breaking one the water lines that goes in the water heater. If that happened, the damage would’ve been very expensive.
  • Due to a power outage a refrigerator did not started when the power came back on. This refrigerator had a very large amount of meat and milk in it. When I walked in this apartment it smelled so horrible that I couldn’t walk into it. I had to call my cleaning crew, with MASKS and safety equipment we were able to take care of this issue. This Fridge was with out power for 15 days, CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS SITUATION FOR 6 MONTHS…..

                         The list goes on and on.

A current client of mine asked me: Why did I need inspections every TWO WEEKS?

My answer was: How will you feel if I tell you to lay down for a month and I walk in wake you up and ask you to start running or jumping.

His answer was. I DON’T THINK I COULD DO IT AND IF I DO IT WILL BE VERY HARD ON ME.  He said. Why are asking me that question?

I said: After a month of you laying down, you are not going to be able to perform the same way you used to due to the inactive time you had for an entire month. Well with a house or apartment is a similar case. YOU CAN’T EXPECT A HOUSE’S APPLIANCES AND EQUIPMENT TO OPERATE 100 % AFTER 6 MONTH OF NOT BEING USED. THEY NEED TO MOVE JUST LIKE WE DO.